Vase Forms

These forms are a variation on Cellular Forms using additional constraints and biases to create vase like structures that should be fabricable as physical sculptures. Various influences affect the growth rates in different regions of the form, such as to allow higher growth rates in the higher parts of the structure to naturally create forms that are wider at the top than the bottom, and to affect the growth rate depending on the angles between cells to limit the amount of overhang.

Video of growing Vase Forms:

The Beauty of Early Life exhibition at the ZKM:

Vase Forms at the ZKM

Sculptures from the 'bubble, bulge, bulge' exhibition:

Vase Form 17_0021_0046_1_11017951 Vase Form 17_0020_0283_5_11012818

Exhibit at the V&A for the London Design Festival 2018:

Vase Forms at the V&A

Sculptures from the 'Art in FLUX' exhibition:

Maquettes in the Art in FLUX exhibition

Sculptures in the Art in FLUX exhibition


Vase Form 17_0020_0283_5 Vase Form 17_0021_0046_1 Vase Form 17_0020_1193_7
Vase Form 17_0020_1500_40 Vase Form 17_0020_1725_4 Vase Form 17_0020_1066
Vase Form 17_0013_0324 Vase Form 17_0020_1500_14 Vase Form 17_0020_0458

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