Morphogenetic Creations


EVA London 2022
Paper: Synthesis of Abstract Dynamic Quasiperiodic 3D Forms using SIRENs

Neural and Evolutionary Computing
Journal Article: The Enigma of Complexity

EvoMUSART 2021
Paper: Deep Learning of Individual Aesthetics

EVA London 2020
Paper: Enhancing Perception of Complex Sculptural Forms Using Interactive Real-time Ray Tracing

EvoMUSART 2020
Paper: Understanding Aesthetic Evaluation using Deep Learning

Seisma Magazine
Generative Art: Freedom to Explore

ALIFE 2019
Paper: Morphogenetic Vase Forms

Museums and Digital Culture: New Perspectives and Research
Chapter: Morphogenetic Creations: Exhibiting and Collecting Digital Art

Arts 2018: The Machine as Artist (for the 21st Century)
Journal Article: On Hybrid Creativity

IWA Biofilms: Granular Sludge Conference
Paper: Morphogenesis and acidic extracellular polymeric substances involved in the formation of granular sludge

EVA 2016
Paper: Species Explorer: An Interface for artistic exploration

Paper: Cellular Forms: an Artistic Exploration of Morphogenesis

Form+Code In Design, Art and Architecture
Aggregation work featured in chapter on Simulation

Architectural Design: Patterns of Architecture
Aggregation work featured in chapter on Pattern Deposition

Notices of the American Mathematical Society
Front cover image and article

Artwork created by members of the Visual Effects Society

Aggregation: Complexity out of Simplicity


Paper presentation at EvoMUSART 2020

Talk at TEDx Bari, November 2017

Talk at London LASER, June 2016


ai.SensiLab Podcast: Collaborative AI with Andy Lomas

Naked Genetics: Podcast on Chromos VR project with the Babraham Institute and Max Cooper

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