Plantlike Forms

These forms are a variation on Cellular Forms which restrict the light, that allows cells to generate food, to come from above. The result is a range of structures that generally grow upwards towards the source of the light, creating forms that are often reminiscent of plant and fungal growth.

The structures are often seen to develop complex branching behaviour even though it isn't an explicitly programmed feature in the codebase.


Plantlike Form 16_0003_0063 Plantlike Form 16_0003_0074 Plantlike Form 16_0005_0046
Plantlike Form 17_0008_0161 Plantlike Form 20_0001_0160 Plantlike Form 20_0006_0098
Plantlike Form 20_0007_0108 Plantlike Form 20_0007_0270 Plantlike Form 20_0008_0253


Unique original prints from the Plantlike Forms series are available from Saatchi Art

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