Mutant Vase Forms

Mutant Vase Form Variations

These forms are a variation on Cellular Forms that experiment with using additional contraints and biases, in effect to alter the environment the structures are growing in. The intial intention was to create forms that would be naturally fabricable as sculptures, but due to some bugs in the code the resulting structures have the tendency to grow tendrils and complex horizontal branches.

The results show the growth system emergently exploiting the bugs to create unexpectedly rich and complex results. Though the results are not currently fabricable, they can exist as virtual works, presented using stereoscopic installations.

Mutant Vase Form 17_0006_0291 Mutant Vase Form 17_0006_0383 Mutant Vase Form 17_0005_0286

Stereoscopic Installation:

Mutant Vase Forms Stereoscopic Installation

Mutant Vase Forms Stereoscopic Installation

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