Morphogenetic Creations
Links and Publications

British Computer Society
Article: Computer Art Image of the Month

Paper: Cellular Forms: an Artistic Exploration of Morphogenesis

CG Society
Article: Andy Lomas, Cellular Forms

The Creators Project
Article: Andy Lomas Lets Digital Systems Bloom In "Morphogenetic Creations" Exhibit

Saatchi Online
Artist profile page

Form+Code In Design, Art and Architecture
Aggregation work in chapter on Simulation

Architectural Design: Patterns of Architecture
Aggregation work in chapter on Pattern Deposition

Notices of the American Mathematical Society
Volume 54, Number 6
Front cover image and article

Immersion Graphique
Article about Aggregation and Flow

Artwork created by members of the Visual Effects Society

CG Society
Article: Once a Mathematician, Always an Artist

SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketch Session
Aggregation: Complexity out of Simplicity

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